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Chrysanthemums are a genus (Chrysanthemum and northeastern) of about 30 species of perennial flowering plants in the family Asteraceae, native to AsiaEurope.

The species of Chrysanthemum are herbaceous perennial plants growing to 50-150 cm tall, with deeply lobed leaves and large flowerheads, white, yellow or pink in the wild species.

Chrysanthemum species are used as food plants by the larvae of some Lepidoptera species - see list of Lepidoptera which feed on Chrysanthemum.

Culinary uses

Yellow or white chrysanthemum flowers are boiled to make a sweet drink in some parts of Asia. The resulting beverage is known simply as "chrysanthemum tea". Chrysanthemum tea has many medicinal uses, including an aid in recovery from influenza. In Korea, a rice wine flavored with chrysanthemum flowers is called gukhwaju.

The leaves of several species such as Chrysanthemum coronarium, the Garland chrysanthemum, which is grown commercially in East Asia as a leaf vegetable, known as tung ho, shungiku, or ssukkat.

In China, the greens are often stir-fried simply with garlic and dried chili peppers. The colour of the cooked greens is dark, their texture dense and mucilaginous, and their flavour fragrant and complex.

Insecticidal uses

Pyrethrum (Chrysanthemum [or Tanacetum] cinerariaefolium from biting. When not present in amounts fatal to insects, they still appear to have an ) is economically important as a natural source of insecticide. The flowers are pulverized and the active components called pyrethrins, contained in the seed cases, are extracted and sold in the form of an oleoresin. This is applied as a suspension in water or oil, or as a powder. Pyrethrins attack the nervous systems of all insects, and inhibit female mosquitoesinsect repellent effect. They are harmful to fish, but are far less toxic to mammals and birds than many synthetic insecticides and are non-persistent, being biodegradable and also breaking down easily on exposure to light. They are considered to be amongst the safest insecticides for use around food. (Pyrethroids are synthetic insecticides based on natural pyrethrum, e.g., permethrin.)

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If there was a "Write" way to go about "Righting" a song, then I somehow surely must have missed it.  Those who know the secret of successful song synthesis, are not only on the money.gif"payroll", but they seem to magically and efortlessly spill out song after song. flat.gif


Does a composer hear it then lay it down, or is it perhaps they exact opposite way all around.  Is a composition written, for the satisfaction of the writer, and then happens to please the listener, or is the "great" songwriter intentionally giving other "ears" just what they want to hear?

Because there seems to be a "Right" way to "Write a song, and I haven't got a clue, I have often wonder, what methods do YOU use? music_e0.gif MetroLgBlk.gif

Is it about improvisation, and then some recalculation, or more about systematic and intentional motives, melody, and harmonization? comp013.gif media025.gif

 Blessed with a gift, a talent, or a muse, and surely there must be a template, a method that they use.

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The color "red" has always been a favorite of mine, because of it's strength, warmth, audacity, intensity, flavor, and the way it sounds.  Red spills forth much meaning within the different shades from pink to maroon, and everthing along the way.

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Photo taken in Downtown, Denver, Colorado USA.
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Blue its about a Hue, and tone and the Emotion that comes along
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Just Blue!  More Here

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Touch, Feel, See, Smell, Taste. Listen and Hear.
Sometimes the music is about performance and about the moment. Sometimes the real treasure to be had with music is not for the future, but for the now.

An example would be how a rhythm section in a jazz band would feel the moment, and come together as a unit, through body language, and gestures, to deliver a lock and key powerful performance. The audience would remember such a feeling, and struggle for the right words to describe such an even to their friends,  but the memory would linger with them, as magic, and and would be even more heavily embedded with the musicians that delivered the moment.

Forget the aspect of recording, and appreciate music as a live art, one that happens and then ends. Playing to play, and not striving to get that perfectly polished sound mastered to tape. Futhermore, appreciation of ideas, even if they aren't ready for radio right now, or our cup of tea.

So what I am getting at is reliant upon the principle of musical moments that happen by accident, that you don't even know are magic moments, until after they have been played, and are in the past. For example, imagine some of the great jazz musicians that have laid out one of a million routine improv solos, nothing different at the time, and gone as soon as the sound waves have ceased in their oscillation, but perhaps one here or there would have surprised the musician had they been able to listen to it again maybe even months or so down the road.

Accident, and Chance, and the moment all compose the idea that I am getting at: and while recording technology offers so much to the musical arts, it sometimes makes us forget about the time where live performance was not just the only form of musical expression, but it was the essence of the art itself. It was the magic, and the moment, and the sound that was heard only once, and perhaps that was what made it magical, or mundane, yet I am sure that the musician got goosebumps at least.

SO as I truly hold a passion for improvisation, and the ideas that were developed in the movement of music that is one of the United State's original styles of music, I would have to say that I have drifted more toward an approach to composition that is derivative of "make it up as you go along"........And I have spent hours and hours going through stacks of half scratched up cd's, in search of nothing specific and for most of the time realizing that most of these sonic sketches aren't worth another listen, or equalization, or remix, or perhaps a harmonic transcription, and really cringing as I listen, I do discover passages, motifs, melodies, and sometimes complete pieces of work, and every once in a while there is a diamond in the rough, and as rare as a needle in the haystack.

 is such a small word, that really can't say enough about itself. The artistic and abstract implications that are involved are beyond explanation with a word; in general art is characteristically so as it encompasses human emotion which most certainly is so varied and individualized from being to being and moment to moment, that now single word could ever cover all the meanings and explanations.

We must accept that art is abstract, and ever changing, and without a scientific set of rules and laws that are predict, govern, and classify, the creation of music, in the context here. There is not right answer, and really there isn't a true definitive nature of the study of "Music Theory" as it is called, since the ear is ever evolving in respect to its anatomical design as well as the way that humans perceive sound waves and appreciate, or "Un" appreciate music.

I challenge everyone to get away from their selves, or at least open their minds up to other artists in a way that is focused on their first and initial opinions about other artist's songs. The reason I challenge musicians to think this way, is because they aren't hearing music purely for what it sounds like, but a true songwriter is hearing music on a higher and more appreciative level. What musician is not able to name other
musicians and songwriters whom they are positively influenced by and look up to, yet the respect and appreciation for a diverse understanding and appreciation of music is filtered by our own individual and opinionated personal human preferences. We love to hear it black or white, good or bad, dissonant or consonant, even though the evolution of music is sure to eventually stray away away from the very music theories, and ideas of the present time.

Perhaps we can't listen ahead of the sound of our time, we aren't capable of hearing into the future. Or maybe we don't want to put for an effort to do so, as we have enough on our hands trying to transcribe, and explain the scores of material that are songwriters of the past have already written. Often so caught up in music theory, analysis, and reasoning of the work of our prior "masters of music", we refute the concept of music evolution and the unstoppable transformation that will become the music of the future. Most fit this category, but someone is bound to hear ahead, or progression in music style, and composition would never exist, and we would all still love to listen to Gregorian Chants, and the harmonic structured unison octaves would soothe our desire for complexity just fine. There wouldn't be a love for the minor ninth, the extensions 11, 13, 15+ in modern jazz theory and harmony, and experimentation with micro tones would be just far fetched musical fiction.

Really just treasure it all when it comes to listening, hearing, feeling and expression of sound, and music. What I am saying is all about not just hearing.........open your mind and your senses and you will taste it and feel it, and even smell the way that music sounds!

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About Me: Johnathan J. Stegeman/MidiMa...

Johnathan J. Stegeman


I am a composer, web master, photographer, graphic artist, and freelance writer from Denver, Colorado.

 I am have been playing the piano since age five, and while I have had no classical or "formal" piano training, my self taught technique has been shaped mostly by ear, and my love for improvisational styles mixed in with fundamental theories about chord structures and harmonies.

I have faced great criticism for my approach to piano playing, and for particularly for the music I compose. Perhaps it is just rubbish, and will one day make a mockery out of my name-my Mother's name as I had no father growing up, and have grown up with the German half of my heritage knowing little of my my other roots, Mexican I may just be onto something that is ahead of the time. The later scenario at least maintains hope, and without that little bit of reassurance, I could not hardly keep writing music. Without writing music, I wouldn't feel but maybe a fraction of the person I am.

 For you see music is my greatest passion, and therefore greatest source of sorrow, despair and frustration at times. It has occurred to me that my songs may be loved by even just a few other souls, after I have passed through this human existence.......sadly this happens to many more artists that you may have ever imagined.

However, they never give up their motivation, as if forced by a ethereal force to continue their artistic expression. Almost a curse it can feel at times, but I don't think that any artist, weather successful, or not, would trade in this unseen force for anything in the world. I know for example: I would not trade my sense of hearing in for my sense of sight. But what a foolish bargain most people would agree............I cannot help the fact that my music is so much of me.

Only in the last two years, and after great rejection by the music world, despite rigorous study through high school, and three years of study at the University of Colorado at Denver, have Itaken up other artistic expressions. Web Design, Graphic Design, Freelance writing, and even advertising and product development are skills that I had no real training with, even through college. These skills have been fashioned through my own quest for knowledge, and are quite immature in development stages. Yet I am proud of where I have come, especially for the skills I have learned on my own.

What it has taught me, is that the world is anyone's oyster........and you can harvest whatever riches you may admire...........with work and with the simplest desire.

Thanks for noticing perhaps something in my work. It all adds up to make all my effort have some final worth.

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To me Artwork is personal, flavorful, fun, and fulfilling.
It is about capturing a moment, a feeling, or an experience;
it is about the unique and the mundane, the extraordinary and
the simple and the plain.

Using a Canon Powershot 5 megapixel camera, with a 12X zoom,
I have captured a lot of shots in the past four years.
Further embellishing them in the digital domain, with programs
like iPhoto, and Photoshop, the amount of original images
that I have in my library is staggering.

While some old school photographers, as with any professionals
whose hard tedious tasks are replaced with technology, scoff at
digital technology from cameras to computers, I remain a purely
digital photographer, and artist. Now don't get me wrong here,
I don't mean to take away credit from those artists, who use other
techniques, nor do I claim that any method is better than the other.
Furthermore, I still have a lot to learn in my study of Graphic Arts,
Photography, Digital Imaging, Web Design, and other Visual Artistic
Crafts that may spur my interest along the way.

Please Enjoy My Work as much as I have enjoyed its capture and creation.
Keep in mind that its all just a glimpse of my inner imagination.

MidiMacMan/Johnathan J. Stegeman
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Cryptic Encounters The Crypts At Fairmount Ceme

Cryptic Encounters

A MidiMacMan Gallery

The Crypts At Fairmount Cemetery 430 South Quebec St.
Denver, CO 80231

As I have never before seen any Crypts that house the dead, I was really intrigued and inspired by the sites on this afternoon excursion. The reason that this style of burial is a followed practice in the first place seems to be because of the way that a body will not be able to rest at sea levels. That would explain why I have never before heard of or seen crypts om graveyards. Interesting as well is the fact that this is possibly the only cemetery with such structures in all of Colorado. It also would explain the huge cost that goes into these structures. Many had one or two people settled behind the sealed up doors, and some of them were even empty. This would mean that some people really put time and planning into this as their crypt was ready to go before they were.

I also say some as many as 9 or 10 people housed in one crypt. Each one was its own monumental beauty, and many were over a hundred years old. I also saw a crypt that had just gone up. The stone that they are carved out of, like headstones, has a great ability to withstand the elements and the older units looked possibly just as beautiful as the recently placed structures.

I barely made a dent in the exploration of this place, and I will say that I anticipate a return for more pictures. I realize that this can seem a bit morbid to some people, but the experience was for me exactly the opposite. It remains doubtful that I will be able to afford such a burial, but if I have the cash when the time comes and the ability to plan for such a resting space, then I think that is where I would want to be put to rest.

Kind of weird to visit a cemetery, as it reminds us that we all have a time and a place where we our outer shell will be put to rest. Very humbling and yet the most beautiful aspect of the Fairmount Cemetery was that the the monumental and creativity of mankind will always be lived out by the survivors and the deceased as they pre- plan their arrangements. So while the outer shell is no longer alive with our beating heart and air drawing lungs, the memory of those dead that rest above and below ground is beautiful uplifting as far as our humanity and culture will stay alive with the people that have been left behind.
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Denver, Colorado-USA
Aladdin Hotel and Casino,
Las Vegas, Nevada-USA

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